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About me

Picture of Ronald van Zuijlen.

Hi there! So you want to find out all about Ronald van Zuijlen. Nice! ๐Ÿ˜€. I’m a 40-some (๐Ÿ‘ด๐Ÿป) dude from the Netherlands. A dad, runner and enthusiastic padel-player. From this place on the web I write my personal musings. Books I read, things I go through, work-related stuff and more. On this page you’ll learn some more about me.

My work

I’ve been working at a large corporate bank in the Netherlands for the past 6 years now. Where I started as a technical software tester (I have a java development background, which came in handy), I morphed into a product owner role after 2,5 years. During the following 2,5 years I got tired of making longer term plans as a product owner; I missed the details. However, I didn’t feel like going back into actual software development. So which role could benefit from both my technical know-how and my wish of jumping into details? Right: business analist is a great fit for me!

In my work I’m part of an agile IT-development team. Most of my work is done from my home-office. I work at the actual office for only one day a week. I’m responsible for fetching and translating business needs into tangible work-items for the team. This means over 30% of my time, I speak to stakeholders. With stakeholders I mean people that demand business requirements, developers from other teams that deliver an useful API, or marketing specialist that we ask for advice. For the remainder of my time I’m mostly collaborating with a fellow business analist and the developers in our team to ensure the specifications are as sharp as possible, make sense and are delivered in a timely fashion.

The diversity of the job is what makes it fun: I get to talk to people from loads of different disciplines and need to be able to navigate my way around a big company.

Lots of fun!

My personal

Well, without spilling all my personal details on the world wide web, a bit more about me. As stated in the introduction above, I’m married and a dad of two. In my spare time I like to play padel, tinker with my home office setup and of course, write on this blog. Occasionally I run for sports, but in the last months playing padel really has my preference.

People describe me as an easy going person, able to get along with virtualy everyone.


If you got to this point: ๐Ÿ™. Thanks for reading all about me, Ronald van Zuijlen! Want to know more? You can always drop me a message through the buttons below!